Legacy Chief™

The Chief-Contributors in Our World.

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Where you are can be shown on a typical ‘bell curve.’ There is a full range of legacy components over the curve with different outcomes based on the approach, knowledge, and performance.


At Risk

Nothing or little in place, just a spectator in the game of life and business. Not taking it seriously. Not even on the field.


Basics Acknowledged

Aware but very little implemented, minimal compliance. Oblivious to the time commitment or avoiding. Barely on the field. This is the Rookie who does not really know what to expect.


Good Enough Met

Necessities are implemented but they did not do the important pre-work before formalizing. A false sense of security because they’ve checked things off their list following inadequate advice. Possibly won’t be ready when the pressure hits. These Contenders have a plan but may not be staying current or are missing critical items.


TOP 6%

In-charge and in the top percentile. Open to new recommendations for phase of life and business planning and contribution. You understand the value of preparation and make key decisions. You’re resilient and ready to pivot when things do change. You know how to best use the luxury of time to get it done with the guidance of a good advocate. You maximize solutions for a healthy financial life that are well considered. The legacy worthy life you genuinely want to live today is on track with the fulfilling future life you envision. You’re a LEGEND with peace of mind.

Why do you need to be in the dark green?

Because you’re already in the game, and sense there’s more but it is not a simple discussion.

Because everyone else offers portions of the puzzle and are not giving you the full picture.

Because you’re ready to become the Legacy Chief who increases value, protects, and treasures legacy.

Become a LEGACY CHIEF and be in the exceptional 6%

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