Legacy Chief™

The Chief-Contributors in Our World.

You Deserve to Echo Your Legacy™

What Is A Legacy?

What is a legacy? Legacy is two-fold. It is the practical steps of estates and finances and going through archives and the stories that take you down memory lane. It is also, what you do today, with a focus on improving and upgrading your plans for better business and enjoyable personal living.

Living life on your terms.

Your legacy is for living and experiencing now, and for making plans that go beyond you, and because of you.

Legacy is longevity.

Shape Your Legacy

Why Legacy Matters

Living a "legacy worthy" life is how we live today, into the future, and how we will be remembered. In fact, how we will be remembered, is not just when your life is over, it is now, because this is your reputation. Your reputation is how people think of and remember you.

It is both the material possessions and the non-material practices that comprise your legacy. Living a "legacy worthy" life is for people of all ages, all walks of life, and around the world. Citizenship is not a factor, character is what matters.

You'd be wise to pay attention so you can make the changes to live into the inspiring and fufilling life you desire.


Legacy Chiefs are the contributors who also protect and preserve traditions and values.

Your Invitation to Legacy


It’s time to Become A Legacy Chief!

When you identify yourself as a chief-contributor, you will want to participate in the unique Chieftain Tribe (mastermind) with other Legacy Chiefs who share similar business and personal views. You are not alone. You’ll put your pieces into place in a legendary legacy because it addresses the personal touchy subjects that are often avoided, misunderstood, or unknown... until it is often too late.

Our approach offers a clear, thoughtful, comprehensive set of practices to easily get you through the details you design. You align your priorities, and live to the fullest now while knowing what you create benefits, is valued, and is enjoyed today and by future generations.


If this sounds like something you would like to put in place in your business and your life, feel free to connect for more details. See the 3 Wisdoms below and select 'Learn More'

Beyond You. Because of You.

The Legacy Chief program is for the go-givers, the leaders with strong character, the entrepreneurs of high-caliber, the community pillars, and the changemakers who champion a cause, challenge the status quo, brainstorm to solve the problems, and inspire others to do the same.

Wisdom #1

Unpack your wisdom in a memorable narrative that positions you in a revolutionary way.

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Wisdom #2

Go deep to transform both the way you grow resources and share your unique wisdom and contribution.

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Wisdom #3

Ready to mesmerise with stories and values that shift thinking while you spread your wisdom?

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Origin. Genius. Worth.

Questions about Legacy – these are FAQ that really should be asked.

Origin. From Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey to Star Wars Luke Skywalker, Yoda, and Darth Vader, with master and apprentice both learning from each other, the origin story is but a thin slice of legacy.

The real goal of your legacy is not simply origin stories or memories.
The real goal of your legacy is not only the financial wealth. (though that's part of it)
The real goal of your legacy is not even the relational wealth that you've built over time.
The real goal of your legacy is more than the material wealth, the infrastructure that you grow.
The real goal of your legacy is the wisdom that remains and more importantly the wisdom you embody in your life as you live fully now.

There is a formula within the 3 wisdoms of the Legacy Chief™ program that helps you define, create, and live in a way so you truly Echo Your Legacy™.

Genius. That's what's in the distinctive Legacy Chief™ workshop experience. Sherrie Rose boldly shares what few in the self-help space know how to do and what few in the financial and estate services industry are willing to disclose. Unlike financial advisors or estate attorneys who have their agenda, Sherrie closes the gap and helps you cross the chasm by providing you with the knowledge to ask smart questions, safeguard what's important, take wise actions, and feel the kind of peace of mind that let's you sleep well at night. Sherrie developed this experiential workshop and training program because of the gap in how Legacy is generally handled. It's a smart move to check out the Legacy Chief™ program: simply select "Learn More" above on this page on any of the 3 Wisdoms.

Certainty for tomorrow. First, optimize today. Optimize, from Latin optimus, and literally means “the best.” You can optimize every aspect of your life with more wisdom that leads to an amazing legacy. So many areas of life can be improved and optimized such as health, wealth, fitness, business, neuroscience, relationships, nutrition, lifestyle, and philosophy. To optimize, the question to ask is: "What is YOUR priority?"

Being uncomfortable is a good reason to ask questions. We assume we have time to think, plan, and create a legacy… until we don't. The smart move is to plan, compose, and prepare in advance with ample time. This can relieve any outside pressure that may come squeezing down on you... or you'll find yourself out-of-time and unable to think properly.

The Wisdoms represent three core qualities in life to create lasting worth that is generous, flourishing, and memorable that you may enjoy now and establish for future generations. Within each of the three wisdoms of the Legacy Chief™ program are additional pillars that support and sustain your “legacy worthy” life. This robust experience is best demonstrated in an interactive model. Select "Learn More" on any of the 3 Wisdoms displayed above on this page.