The Time Has Arrived to Break Out and Step Into Your Future

The COCOON CONUNDRUM is an epic journey through the time of the pandemic and into the world of liberation.

We want authentic connections, a sense of belonging, and to give gratitude to people in our lives. When Covid-19 happened, from the first lockdown to border closures, social distancing to loss of loved ones, the pandemic put in jeopardy all that we cherish.

Individuals hunkered down, businesses went into survival mode, and nations scrambled to protect their people. Uncertainty and fear ruled the day.

For the author, the low point was the news that Kevin Hutto, a friend beloved by so many, was lost to the pandemic.

It’s not all bleak and depressing. In her contemplation, Sherrie Rose took this wake-up call to reflect on ways to transform her personal and professional life. And so, the Odyssey began, initiating a major change to gear up and breakout of isolation.

Now, as we emerge from this cocoon, where do we go from here?

This book is an invitation. An invitation to reimagine what the future may look like, and what can be possible for us to create. It’s about honoring the important people with good deeds and the work we perform. It shines a spotlight on the Liberation of the human spirit, and how we can harness our unique personal and collective power.

Contained within the pages of this book is a newly minted word for a remarkable creative process that’s described in detail. You’ll uncover techniques and answers to the deep questions around experiencing a more meaningful life.

This book features a foreword by author Yanik Silver, creator the Cosmic Journal and who understands the Odyssey because he went through an adventure while developing his Evolved Enterprise.

THE COCOON CONUNDRUM is for the go-givers, the leaders with strong character, the entrepreneurs of high-caliber, the community pillars, and the changemakers who personally and professionally champion a cause, challenge the status quo, solve the conundrums, and inspire others to do the same.

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What’s in the Book?

  • CHAPTER 1: Uncharted Terrain, Danger, Danger
  • CHAPTER 2: Why Pivot? Question the Quest
  • CHAPTER 3: Top-down View from Summit
  • CHAPTER 4: Expedition to Bend Time
  • CHAPTER 5: No Time To Die
  • CHAPTER 6: Until Now Resistance Is Futile
  • CHAPTER 7: Maniacs On A Mission
  • CHAPTER 8: Letters To Kevin
  • CHAPTER 9: Vanishing Reflections
  • CHAPTER 10: Panorama of Life
  • CHAPTER 11: Uncover to Discover
  • CHAPTER 12: In Repeat Mode (Groundhog Day)
  • CHAPTER 13: Recode Your Reality
  • CHAPTER 14: Calling On Your Enhavim
  • CHAPTER 15: The Enhavim Advantage
  • CHAPTER 16: Characteristics of Epic Enhavim
  • CHAPTER 17: Enhavim Summary
  • CHAPTER 18: Trust Your Ticker
  • CHAPTER 19: Why Legacy Matters
  • CHAPTER 20: Traveler's Warning
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Ask yourself these 5 questions

  • Are you ready to adapt to change that you originate?
  • Do you actively try to see things from a new perspective?
  • How do your core values shift when you initiate a pivot?
  • What critical performance factors are affected by change?
  • When was the last time you made a contibution in YOU?

Read this book to transform the ways you add true value into your life and relationships. Cultivate your own innate sparks of genius.


Breakout and Begin Again

Step into a Richer, More Rewarding Life!