Cocoon Conundrum

Breaking Out of Isolation into Liberation

The Cocoon Conundrum

It's Time to Break Out and Step Into Your Future

The COCOON CONUNDRUM is an epic journey through the time of the pandemic and into the world of liberation.

Now, as we emerge from this cocoon, where do we go from here?

Sherrie Rose represents the latest in solopreneurs: a combination of real-world know-how and applied future thinking. This book encapsulates personal stories and experiences as part of the Odyssey and, in the Liberation, you’ll find proven processes that will help you navigate and simplify the development of your idea from start to finish-the right way.

Contained within the pages of this book is a newly minted word for a remarkable creative process that’s described in detail. You’ll uncover techniques and answers to the deep questions around experiencing a more meaningful life.

This book features a foreword by author Yanik Silver, creator the Cosmic Journal and who understands the Odyssey because he went through his own adventure while developing his Evolved Enterprise.

THE COCOON CONUNDRUM is for the go-givers, the leaders with strong character, the entrepreneurs of high-caliber, the community pillars, and the changemakers who personally and professionally champion a cause, challenge the status quo, solve the conundrums, and inspire others to do the same.

Praise for The Cocoon Conundrum

“Enlightening book which took me on a tour, a journey, and an odyssey (yes, they are different!) through struggles and then liberation. Many touching stories from friends of Kevin Hutto, to whom this book is dedicated. Guidance on the path of growth and awakening from an author who clearly believes you can breakout and begin again and make major changes at any time. If you’re an entrepreneur or looking to make a big leap, this book will serve you well.” -Patricia Krown

“I read every chapter of this book including the "new" word! I wish I'd had this new word to reference over the last 30 years of coaching and personal development for both myself and my clients. Whether you’re on a journey of self-discovery, self-improvement, or you’re ready to explore what mark you will make in the world, you will find many nudges of inspiration and nuggets of wisdom! I highly recommend The Cocoon Conundrum!” -Donna Rougeau

“While the world is starting to see light at the end of the tunnel emerging from the Covid19 pandemic, it is tempting to simply put the pandemic down as an unmitigated disaster and simply move on. However, what can we glean from the experiences of the pandemic? How might we uncover the hidden lessons that this episode in human history is teaching us? Sherrie Rose, in her trademark bold and audacious style of truth-telling, invites us to reflect on this remarkable odyssey. In the process, she introduces a unique concept - encapsulated by a new word - which provides a framework to shift our perspectives, imagine new possibilities, and gain hope and clarity in the way we show up. The Cocoon Conundrum is a definite must-read for all leaders who want more than to merely make-do and adapt, but who yearn to be impact makers and true legacy builders.” -Coen Tan

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What’s in the Book?

  • CHAPTER 1: Uncharted Terrain, Danger, Danger
  • CHAPTER 2: Why Pivot? Question the Quest
  • CHAPTER 3: Top-down View from Summit
  • CHAPTER 4: Expedition to Bend Time
  • CHAPTER 5: No Time To Die
  • CHAPTER 6: Until Now Resistance Is Futile
  • CHAPTER 7: Maniacs On A Mission
  • CHAPTER 8: Letters To Kevin
  • CHAPTER 9: Vanishing Reflections
  • CHAPTER 10: Panorama of Life
  • CHAPTER 11: Uncover to Discover
  • CHAPTER 12: In Repeat Mode (Groundhog Day)
  • CHAPTER 13: Recode Your Reality
  • CHAPTER 14: Calling On Your Enhavim
  • CHAPTER 15: The Enhavim Advantage
  • CHAPTER 16: Characteristics of Epic Enhavim
  • CHAPTER 17: Enhavim Summary
  • CHAPTER 18: Trust Your Ticker
  • CHAPTER 19: Why Legacy Matters
  • CHAPTER 20: Traveler's Warning
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Ask yourself these 5 questions

  • Are you ready to adapt to change that you originate?
  • Do you actively try to see things from a new perspective?
  • How do your core values shift when you initiate a pivot?
  • What critical performance factors are affected by change?
  • When was the last time you made a contibution in YOU?

Read this book to transform the ways you add true value into your life and relationships. Cultivate your own innate sparks of genius.


Breakout and Begin Again

Step into a Richer, More Rewarding Life!